Benefits of Healing

Energy healing will help you create the life that you long for

Brennan Healing Science® is multidimensional and can address all kinds of discomforts and dis-eases. It will affect your physical body, all the levels or “bodies” of your Energy Field; it will affect your intentionality toward life and help you align to your life’s purpose; it will help your Essence to shine and to express itself in all aspects of your life and of your being.

Here a some examples where healings have showed good results, many of which I have already experienced for myself or with clients:

  • Reducing physical pain, back problems, migraines, insomnias, and providing support with chronic diseases and serious illnesses
  • Releasing tensions and reducing stress and anxiety
  • Releasing and healing trauma
  • With surgeries: preparing the body for invasion, clearing and repairing the field, reassuring, reducing bleeding and the side-effects of anesthesia
  • Reinforce the immune system, hastening and supporting recovery processes
  • Releasing blocks to getting pregnant, support during pregnancy and during and after childbirth
  • Freeing life force and improving sex life
  • Helping ground into the Earth and improving relationships with daily issues in the physical dimension
  • Releasing and unblocking emotions and allowing them to flow
  • Stepping out of confusion and finding more clarity, quieting the noisy mind
  • Becoming conscious and letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Improve learning abilities
  • Improve self-confidence, centering within and unifying
  • Improve social life and relations, softening or settling conflicts
  • Clearing blocks of various kinds, including very old Karmic wounds that are recycled over and over, and affecting some areas of our body, systems and life
  • Connecting and aligning positively to life purpose and to deep longings, manifesting them and creating the life that we want, effortlessly
  • Reconnecting to our Essence, freeing up spontaneous and effortless inner movement of pleasure, allowing and enhancing creativity
  • Opening and expanding Consciousness, feeling our Oneness and our (inter)connection with others, with the Earth and with the Whole
  • And more

with Anne-Chantal MissonBesides from having transformed my whole life, a success I can bear witness to is to have been able to avoid a kidney operation and to heal. In December 2009, I had to operate my left kidney due to a pyeloureteral junction syndrome that I probably had for ever. The operation and the recovery process went surprisingly well, with the presence and support of healers in Belgium and in the U.S. during, before and after this operation, and the loving support of my healer colleagues from BBSH, and family. In this process, I benefited from what I described on the list above.

In March 2010, after a control, the surgeon told me that I now had to operate the right kidney, also from a junction syndrome which was starting to dammage the kidney… Since it was not urgent, I decided to postpone the operation, and actually to do all I could to avoid it by healing through other means. I “knew” I could do it… During 6 months, I received many and regular healings from my healer in Mexico and did an intensive work on the psychological and spiritual origins of this dysfunctionning, also helped by ayurvedic medicine and deepening of my healthy diet and life style. In October 2010, tests showed that symptomes had reduced by half and the operation was not necessary anymore… I continued to work on my healing process and in May 2011: the right kidney had practically recovered its normal size and shape, while the left one is still continuing to improve!! What more can I say?…

On the page Testimonials of this website, clients talk about their experience and about the benefits they received from healings sessions with me.

You will find an interesting video from a renowned surgeon in the U.S., Dr. Mehmet Oz, on the healing power of energy healing on page Link of this website.

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