The Healing Process

A Healing Journey to Love and to who you truly are

Our body and our energy system move naturally toward health. The process of healing is a process of remembering, re-membering, who you truly are. Within the aura, also called the Human Energy Field, healing is a process that balances the energies in each body: when all the energies in each body are balanced, health follows.

Clients have an active role in their own healing process. No matter how miraculous the results, what the healer does is to promote self-awareness and to empower clients and invite them to heal themselves through natural processes, even though they are beyond what is considered to be natural for those who are not familiar with healing. To Brennan Healing Science Practitioners, health is not only related to the physical body, but also balance and harmony in all parts of our life.

There are two major approaches to healing today. One is the “inner” healing, which establishes balance and health in all aspects of the person by focusing on and dealing directly with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being, including how belief systems and reality are created. I support the inner healing namely through Body Psychotherapy.

There are two major approaches to healing, the inner one and the outer one...The other is the “outer” healing, which helps reestablish balance in the different layers of the aura, including the physical body systems, by applying energy distilled from the Universal Energy Field through healing techniques . The “inner” healing is most important but the “outer” healing methods are needed to supplement this process.

A BHS Practitioner has three things to offer a client:

  1. a different, broadened view of the causes and cures of disease
  2. access, through what is called High Sense Perception, to information about any given life or medical situation that may not be available through other means
  3. direct work with the client to enhance the client’s healing abilities.

I will accompany you in your transformational journey to health, self-healing, self-empowerment and consciousnessI will accompany you in this healing process and on your transformational journey to health, self-healing, self-empowerment and consciousness. We will explore the different areas of your life that need support: body, emotions, mind, spirit, including nutrition, sexuality, relationships, spirituality, and more, and I will be your facilitator and your mirror in this process.

Through Brennan Healing Science™, I will release blocks, repair and restructure areas, charge and balance your energy field, charge and strengthen your Hara and help you align to your life purpose, expand your creative pulse and allow you to reconnect to and manifest your deepest longings into your life, effortlessly.

As a BHS Practitioner, I am not trained as a medical doctor and I do not provide medical diagnosis. I recommend that you continue any medical treatment that you may be currently receiving. I am ready, when appropriate and upon request, to work in a team with your physician and/or other practitionners.

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To learn more about the Healing Process, I recommend Barbara Brennan’s books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”.