“My healing experiences with Anne-Chantal can be described with two words: Trust and Humour. She holds a space for healing which feels deeply safe, and she has a wonderful ability to remind me that everything does not have to be so serious. I feel that there is absolutely nothing that I could tell her that she would not meet with a warm smile and an open heart. She is blissful to my soul and has been invaluable in my healing process.”
Marcus Sorensen – Junior Doctor – England.

“During our Brennan Healing Science training, I received a healing from Anne-Chantal Misson. This has left me with a very good and long lasting memory. The healing skill she used was a hara healing in which I felt very supported, safe and cared for during the healing. After the healing I felt grounded and peaceful. I continued to feel this way throughout the week that followed.
Marianne, BHS Practitioner / Core Energetics Therapist, UK

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"There are many roads to Heaven,
as many as there are souls returning home.
When you learn to flow completely,
without resistance,
with that inner creative movement,
then you are home."

Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light