Already in body psychotherapy for a few months, I started to receive energy healings from Anne-Chantal. I knew nothing about Healing at that time. At the first session, I was both curious and a little doubtful…

Belgiquet et à DistanceI immediately experienced benefits from these healing sessions.  Rather used to classical treatments, I first had a deep physical and emotional experience, and an unexpected intimate encounter with my body. I also concretely observed, at several occasions, spontaneous healing of physical pains. Bit by bit, I felt more balanced and noticed an improvement in my relationship with others, a real appeasement. Finally, Energy Healing has been a precious support throughout my pregnancy in various discomforts with which classical medicine could not help me. 

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"There are many roads to Heaven,
as many as there are souls returning home.
When you learn to flow completely,
without resistance,
with that inner creative movement,
then you are home."

Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light