Already in body psychotherapy for a few months, I started to receive energy healings from Anne-Chantal. I knew nothing about Healing at that time. At the first session, I was both curious and a little doubtful…

Belgiquet et à DistanceI immediately experienced benefits from these healing sessions.  Rather used to classical treatments, I first had a deep physical and emotional experience, and an unexpected intimate encounter with my body. I also concretely observed, at several occasions, spontaneous healing of physical pains. Bit by bit, I felt more balanced and noticed an improvement in my relationship with others, a real appeasement. Finally, Energy Healing has been a precious support throughout my pregnancy in various discomforts with which classical medicine could not help me. 

With a caring and non-judging listening, Anne-Chantal gives extremely personalised sessions which bring me  fast and the most appropriate answers to present difficulties. These experiences are a safe guide in my daily life.
Laurence, Lawyer, Belgium

“The healing sessions with Anne-Chantal have always been filled with a very tender intimacy on a highly uplifted level. I really felt the shifts in my system even down to physical sensations‚ really blissful. I am really grateful for that.” (Distance Healing Sessions)
Thomas B., Ph.D. in Economics, Germany

Témoignages“My encounter with Anne-Chantal is a blessing. She is a reliable guide. Both soft and firm, she never let me down. She accompanies me with a lot of compassion in this beautiful transformation journey, to the core of my self. This encounter literally changed my life.” (Body Psychotherapy)
Muriel, Translator, Teacher, Belgium

I can describe the healings I receive from Anne-Chantal as a beautiful experience, which brings me feelings of peace, increasing of my energy and new insights for my own personal process. I enjoy her passion, support and accuracy as a healer.”
Carlos del Barrio, Physiotherapyst and Healer, Scotland

My healing from Anne-Chantal started with an energetic wave flowing through my body. After the healing I felt very calm, wonderfully grounded and harmonised with nature. Since the healing I feel good, harmonised with my husband and I had no pain during menses.” (Distance Healing)
Tina S, Biologist, Germany

Ancrage dans la Nature Sacrée - Grounding into the Sacred nature“I have received several energy healings of Anne Chantal and have always found her healings powerful, transformational with deep insight, wisdom and compassion. A series of healings with Anne-Chantal is one of the best personal transformation journeys one can undertake, her combination of psychotherapy insights and energetic healing tools are a powerful combination for anyone looking to create an accelerated shift in their life experience.”
Steve Jack, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

During our Brennan Healing Science training, I received a healing from Anne-Chantal Misson. This has left me with a very good and long lasting memory. The healing skill she used was a hara healing in which I felt very supported, safe and cared for during the healing. After the healing I felt grounded and peaceful. I continued to feel this way throughout the week that followed.” Marianne, BHS Practitioner / Core Energetics Therapist, UK

Healings with - Soins Energétiques avec - Anne-Chantal Misson